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Mainstay Solutions was established to provide integrated data management
software and services to organizations of all sizes and types. Decades of
service to aerospace contractors, government agencies and other large
corporations provided background, an awareness of a common need, and
expertise. Involvement with a very unique software product, MetaGami,
provides the toolset to facilitate this capability.

Users within all types of organizations regardless of focus are frustrated
with traditional IT, not because of what they do, but because of what they
don’t do. IT does outstanding work creating data warehouses, producing
standard reports, etc. Still, there is an almost universal demand by users
for capabilities that are specific to them and their needs at the moment.
These capabilities include:

  •   integration of all relevant data;
  •   accessibility of data specific to a particular task or project;
  •   facility for adding new fields of data as needs expand or change;
  •   ability to review, analyze, report upon data specific to the immediate need; and
  •  perhaps most important, a methodology by which users with only nominal computer technical skills can accomplish all this.