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CAiRE — So you can Care for your clients, not their data

Capture, Analysis, Integration, and REporting for residents, or CAiRE, is modular and customizable software designed to simplify the administrative work of day habilitation, group home, and host home staff and service providers. By organizing and integrating all relevant Resident or Client information, CAiRE allows you and your staff to focus on what’s really important: the care and support of your Residents or Clients.

         CAiRE is simple to use

CAiRE captures all relevant Resident or Client information—Demographic, Medical, Financial, Abilities, Progress, etc.—and compiles it into an organized data structure to be used by any authorized person in your organization. CAiRE makes it easy for administrative and provider staff to input information of any type related to Residents or Clients: to navigate through it, retrieve it, and analyze it, all as a natural part of your organization’s daily routine. This  results in higher quality information as well as easy reporting, both internally and to any necessary oversight entities. All information for each Resident/Client is available from a single source, enhancing the quality of the information and  limiting lost data. And because CAiRE is packaged as a series of modules, and uniquely customizable to fit the different needs of different organizations, your organization may build up its own solution step-by-step with the opportunity to extend it later.

Software Specifics:

  • The entire history of a Resident/Client is secure and available within a single source.
  • Laborious and time-consuming searches are gone—meeting notes, incident data as well as all other data about each Resident/Client is now at your     fingertips.
  • All information can be retrieved by a variety of criteria—by meeting, by time frame, by Resident/Client, or by the theme of a discussion (violence, sexuality, drug abuse, etc).
  • Standard and customized reports are produced to your requirements.
  • Statistical charting and analyses are available automatically.

CAiRE is effective

CAiRE is designed to decrease the amount of time your staff spends doing administrative work and supporting audits—entering Client data, searching for documents and reporting resident information—thereby increasing the amount of time they spend with Residents or Clients and limiting the time you must dedicate to administration.  From one single source you can derive any information you have stored—even if you don’t know in advance you will need it.

CAiRE is organized in a manner intuitive to your activities.  And the flow between elements is controlled by menus with buttons directing you to each activity.  And the data can be seen in customizable presentations based on your organization’s needs.

Having Resident/Client data so efficiently organized enhances results in a variety of ways.  CAiRE will enable you to:

  • Monitor and advance the abilities and capabilities of Residents/Clients
  • Encourage their self-determination and self-reliance
  • Access progress of each Resident/Client from the time their relationship with you begins
  • Prepare for situational intervention for Residents/Clients
  • Anticipate the potential for violence and other risks
  • Assess staff performance

All information is securely stored, and can be retrieved at any time by those with proper authority.

CAiRE was created from the practice, for the practice

CAiRE originated from a long-standing relationship between two Swiss entities: the Wohn- und Werkheim Dietisberg institution (a large group home for alcoholics) and g+g consult ag.  Now, CAiRE is being offered in the United States by Mainstay Software Corporation. It has already been successfully implemented in a number of institutions.  Users at these institutions agree CAiRE is intuitive and easy to use—even by those without a technical computer background. Which means CAiRE allows your employees to spend less time sorting through data and being frustrated with computer issues, and more time attending to those in need of care: your Residents and Clients.

We acquired CAiRE because it offered a totally structured and uniform approach, enabling all staff members to follow a common set of standards.  We realized, as we used it, that unstructured data frequently lost, or stored in multiple locations and previously difficult to locate, was as easily accessible as structured data.  We have recently upgraded and expanded our use of CAiRE because it so completely fulfilled our expectations.

—Toni Birkle, Neuhof Institute, Switzerland


“No similar product exists today that covers all aspects in such an integrated form. And there was no way an institution like ours could have otherwise afforded such a custom-designed, integrated system.”

—Res Thomet, Dietisberg Alcohol Treatment Center, Switzerland