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Event Management Ideas


Mainstay Solutions is enhancing its ManDatE Enterprise Data Management tool with on-line capabilities.  Among other on-line capabilities will be an Event Management section that will enable individuals to register for events and will accommodate large-scale events where individuals can make a donation or form a Team to solicit donations from others.
Comments we have received from non-profit organizations regarding existing systems is that they are, in many cases, so complex that simple needs cannot be easily addressed.  The ManDatE Events Management site will address this issue by incorporating the capabilities that are needed by your organization in a form that will be easily accessible by users with or without computer technical skills.  And, to address the concern mentioned above, the site will not include complexities that add no value to your event management process — ALL THAT YOU NEED, BUT NOTHING MORE!
And, to enhance the value of the site, all data captured on-line will be downloaded to ManDatE for integration with the rest of your important data where it can be used for the myriad of other purposes beneficial to your organization — events solicitation, donation solicitation, volunteer solicitation, etc.
We are soliciting comments from those who currently use on-line event management systems and those who would like to but haven’t yet.  Ideally, your comments would fit into one of the following categories:

  • General Issues
  • Be sure to Include this Capability
  • Be sure to Exclude this Capability
  • Useful Capabilities in Other Products to Improve Upon as Follows

If you don’t categorize the issues, we will.  Just enter them on the blog and provide as much description as you can.  We will publish summaries of your comments regularly and encourage further more detailed discussion on areas of importance to you.  The comments made here and elsewhere will provide the basis for the initial capabilities of the Event Management site which we expect to have ready for your use no later than June 30.