4 academic success videos you should text to your students

Kelly Hughes
Kelly Hughes

September 22, 2021

Today’s college students are pulled in many different directions. Outside of the classroom, many students juggle work schedules, caregiving duties, and family responsibilities — on top of the ongoing pressures of the pandemic and their academics. With so many obligations, it’s easy for students to get overwhelmed by their ever-growing to-do lists.

Mainstay recently teamed up with the national nonprofit organization GetSchooled to create a collection of short videos to support students through every stage of their academic journey. This series includes helpful tips on everything from planning their course schedule to working with their advisors to building skills outside the classroom.

Why send videos to students via SMS text messaging?

When you partner with Mainstay, you can deliver these relevant video messages directly to your students through automated text messaging campaigns. The benefits of text conversations with students are well-established: 98% of mobile phone owners read every text they receive, and 90% read their texts within just three minutes. Texting also elicits 4 times the response rate compared to any other communication method. 

Mainstay’s quick videos are packed with personality — and they give students actionable advice in a format that meets their expectations and needs. Sharing information through video is not only more engaging — it’s also more impactful. Studies show that viewers retain 95% of a video’s message, compared to only 10% when reading text. People also share videos 1200% more times than links and text combined — which means your students are more likely to pass these videos along to peers who will also benefit from them.

Sending video messages through SMS texting combines these powerful tools, so you can provide helpful, timely support while building more meaningful relationships with students at scale. 

Watch Mainstay’s academic success videos

Most of the videos we created with GetSchooled are around two minutes long (or less). Take a quick look to see how they could bolster your student engagement strategy and drive academic success at your school: 

Dos and don’ts of office hours

Students who have never taken advantage of their professors’ office hours may have some questions about what to expect, and how to make the most of the experience. This video will help them navigate office hours with ease. 

Free classes to build skills over the summer

Before students head to college, they may want to brush up on study techniques or expand their current skill set. This video features a list of free classes that students can join to start the semester with the confidence they need to succeed.

How to choose the right college classes

When it’s time for students to register for their first semester, they may feel overwhelmed by the number of class options available at your school. In this video, we cover five quick tips for registering for classes — from core requirements to prerequisites to elective courses, and more. It also includes tips for building a balanced course schedule that works best for a student’s specific goals.

Questions to ask your academic advisor

Meeting with an academic advisor should be helpful, not stressful. In this video, we cover some key questions students should ask their academic advisor to establish a great relationship, get more personalized advice, and access the resources that can help them succeed in and out of the classroom.

Engage your students with text messaging and videos 

When you partner with Mainstay, you can use these videos to answer your students’ most pressing academic questions — anytime, anywhere. To learn more about the academic success topics our videos cover, check out the full collection


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