COVID, College, And Action In A Year Of Crises

To give low-income and first-generation students more personalized, on-demand support throughout the admissions process on a large scale, we teamed up with College Advising Corps and AdmitHub. Since April, AdmitHub’s conversational AI platform and College Advising Corps advisers have provided critical support to students as they navigate the college admissions landscape.

Building An Empathy Engine For Higher Education

“It’s our hope that by working [with Common App], we can help colleges better understand what those barriers are, and proactively address the emotional impact they may have, to ensure that this crisis doesn’t leave the most vulnerable students behind.” – AdmitHub CEO Drew Magliozzi

College Admissions Counselors: From Gatekeepers To Caseworkers

Student success and persistence statistics have attracted attention from administrators and trustees, whose concerns are both mission-driven and fiscal… AdmitHub is a communication platform harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to aid colleges and universities, not only in their enrollment strategies but also in retention and student success.