How can I help you today?

Provide instant answers in your sleep

24/7 support for students or employees — right on your website

Mainstay’s Web Chat answers questions from the students or employees you serve instantly and automatically on your website. Our web chatbots work around-the-clock, so you can reduce call and email volume, track important interactions, and support people — whether your office is bustling, or closed for the day. 

Authentic engagement

Conversations that build trust

37% of inquiries are logged outside of standard business hours. If you don’t have Web Chat on your website today, you may be missing out on critical, time-sensitive questions and valuable engagement opportunities.

Web Chat empowers you to build genuine relationships and encourage more authentic conversations by supporting people on their schedule — and on the channels they feel most comfortable using.


of inquiries are logged outside of standard business hours

One-on-one interactions

Make space for meaningful engagement

Valuable student and employee interactions require dedicated staff time. Mainstay’s Web Chat reduces repetitive phone calls and emails, so your team can focus on building deeper connections with your students or employees.

Access for all

Promote inclusivity and equity

Mainstay’s Web Chat helps you communicate with all people equally. Students or employees visiting your website can enter questions and receive accurate, automated answers in more than 100 languages.

If the conversation moves to a sensitive topic or becomes too complex, your chatbot will collect their contact information for a team member to follow up with a phone call, email, or in-person meeting.

Web chat personalization

Customized for your unique needs

Mainstay makes it easy to match your Web Chat’s design with your website’s branding. You can even add your logo, choose the color palette, and use your preferred style and text.

For a deeper level of personalization, build robust user profiles based on information from their Web Chat conversations. From there, you can integrate the Mainstay Engagement Platform with your existing tools so your bot can have more personal conversations with your students or employees.

Customized solutions for powerful engagement

Mainstay makes it easy to personalize your plan with everything you need — and nothing you don’t.