All about Behavioral Intelligence

Imagine if you could understand where a student is at, anticipate where they’re headed, and provide the support they need to keep their journey moving in a positive direction. That would be pretty powerful, right?

Research shows that the right combination of accurate information, empathetic support, and personalized, contextual guidance can have a transformative impact on student engagement and success. That’s the power of Behavioral Intelligence.

Download Mainstay’s white paper, “All about Behavioral Intelligence,” to explore how your higher education institution can use Behavioral Intelligence to expand access, improve engagement, and drive positive outcomes at scale — throughout every stage of the student journey. 

This white paper also examines: 

  • The relationship between the study of human behavior, data science, and student engagement
  • Mainstay’s definition of Behavioral Intelligence
  • The critical components of Behavioral Intelligence and the technology that makes it possible 
  • Real-world examples of Behavioral Intelligence in action — and the results
  • Key questions to ask before adopting a Behavioral Intelligence strategy

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Download now

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