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Attracting and retaining workers has never been more challenging, or more important. Mainstay’s empathetic chatbots and research-backed messaging help businesses reach and engage workers at every stage of the employee lifecycle — from recruitment through retention.

Whether you’re looking to reduce ghosting after a job offer, retain more new hires by improving the onboarding experience, or keep your best talent by ensuring your employees feel supported and valued, we’ve got you covered.

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Engage workers over text — anytime, anywhere

When it comes to keeping your workers engaged, connected, and productive, communication is key. But traditional methods like email often fall through the cracks — and some frontline employees may not access their email for days at a time.

The best way to reach workers is right on their phones. Easily send quick reminders, share surveys, and solicit feedback with conversational SMS texting. 

A chatbot automatically answers employee questions 24/7, while you send encouraging nudges on the channel your employees prefer. These research-backed messages are proven to spark action, so you can be sure your outreach has a real impact.


more likely to be engaged at work


more likely to serve as an advocate for their company


less likely to search for a new job


less likely to report experiencing burnout


Beat burnout before it happens

Managing stress, creating a sense of belonging, and infusing joy into your communications can have a big impact on employee wellbeing and productivity. But it can also be a heavy lift for organizations with limited time and resources. 

Automatically send employees mental health resources, share time-management tools, and provide encouragement during stressful times. Your conversational chatbot is available around the clock to instantly answer employee questions and send encouraging nudges. 

These conversations give employees a judgment-free space to seek help or ask for guidance — ensuring they feel heard, supported, and valued.


Turn insights into solutions

It can be challenging to effectively support new hires if you don’t have visibility into their day-to-day challenges.

Mainstay’s chatbots capture employee feedback so you can act before small problems become major challenges. Our real-time insights let you track the metrics that matter at scale — so you can identify and address issues head-on and improve employee retention, satisfaction, and productivity. 

Our innovative approach uses the latest research to help you improve employee health, happiness, and wellbeing so you can foster a more dedicated workforce, drive organizational success, and reduce costly turnover.

Improve your recruiting efforts with AI

Stellar Employ partnered with Mainstay to improve new hire success rates. Here are the results:

  • New hire retention increased by 7 percentage points
  • Hundreds of staff hours saved 
  • Chatbot resolved most questions for new hires

Mainstay partnered with a global retailer to reduce employee ghosting by texting workers through the application process. The results?

  • Increased pre-hire task completion by 10%
  • Reduced employee ghosting by 40%
  • Increased recruiter efficiency by 20%


Improve your recruiting efforts at scale

Mainstay makes it easy to hire and support people at every stage. Our research-backed messages help you connect with potential workers and new hires on a personal level to ensure they’re getting the support they need from the start. 

These conversations build employer affinity and solicit valuable information you can use to enhance your database of future talent. 

Mainstay’s partners consistently achieve employee response rates of 80-90% when they use our platform to automatically text workers. This level of engagement improves application completion and drastically reduces the likelihood of no-shows.


Creating a sense of belonging from the start

Starting a new job often brings a flurry of activities that can leave people feeling overwhelmed and under-supported. The right communication can make the difference between a successful onboarding and a no-show.

Mainstay helps you accelerate your new hires’ path to productivity with streamlined pre-boarding and onboarding processes. Engaging new hires before their start date opens the lines of communication, creates rapport, and builds excitement around their new position. That’s why our text messages are also shown to reduce no-shows up to 40%. 

Continuing the conversation throughout onboarding also ensures employees will be fully aligned with your company’s goals, so they’ll become more productive faster. 

How to create a better onboarding experience with Mainstay:

Future-proof your HR strategy

With so much competition in the world of work, you can’t afford to fall behind. Partner with Mainstay to attract, support and retain a quality workforce — from the first outreach to onboarding, wellness initiatives, and beyond. 

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