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Empathetic text messages powered by AI

Re-engage community college stopouts to understand their barriers, connect them with resources, and help them take the next step toward a brighter future

Hi Travis, Oli here. You're only 6 credits shy of earning your degree! Do you plan to re-enroll for next semester? You can just say [yes] or [no] and I'll be here to help.


You've got this! 🙌 Would you like some help registering for classes?


Reconnect with stopouts

Re-enroll and graduate learners

All too often, community college learners must make difficult decisions between completing their degrees and other aspects of their lives. From lack of childcare to financial need, there are many obstacles that can stand in their way. 

Give stopouts a boost with empathetic text messages that get them back on the path to graduation. Learn about their re-enrollment plans, provide encouragement, discover their challenges, and help to overcome the obstacles in their way. 

Be the spark that changes lives, and help more learners in your community earn their degrees.


Gain insight into obstacles

Oftentimes, the best way to understand someone’s point of view is to ask. Mainstay’s empathetic chatbot engages stopouts with text messages designed to do just that.

Not ready to re-enroll? Now you can understand why and leverage that insight to build and share resources that bridge the gap.

Mainstay’s behaviorally intelligent chatbot provides encouragement along the way, connecting students with tailored support that keeps them on their journey.


Break down barriers to success

The vast majority of learners in the United States depend upon community colleges for upward mobility. Too often, the students with the most to gain are left to navigate the journey alone.

With a clear understanding of what stands in their way, Mainstay can help to promote programs and resources developed to help students persist.

The best part? Mainstay’s research-backed approach is loved by students. That means you can reach more students more efficiently, and deepen the connection between your institution and your community all at once.


Shine a light on emerging trends

Sometimes, knowing about a challenge can be half of the battle. Serious issues like food insecurity, limited access to financial assistance, and access to healthcare can force learners to put their education on hold.

Community college leaders are uniquely positioned to advocate for their community members and provide critical relief. With Mainstay, you can gather the necessary evidence to apply for grants and other funding that enable the most helpful programs.

Hear your audience, gather data, and clear the way to help them succeed.


A safe space for community

It’s difficult to open up and talk about issues that may lead us to feeling judged. Many of your students may not be willing to share their challenges with you directly or in other public forums.

Mainstay provides an emotionally safe environment that community college leaders can use to connect with their entire audience. Students feel less anxiety over sharing their challenges with a chatbot, which goes a long way to reach those that don’t raise their hands.

Not to mention, the leading cause of student disengagement is feeling that their college does not care about them. Demonstrate empathy and reach students proactively to get ahead of their challenges.

Customized solutions for powerful engagement

Mainstay makes it easy to personalize your plan with everything you need — and nothing you don’t.

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