Mainstay started with a spark...

The founders of Mainstay

Our story

In 2014, Drew Magliozzi and Kirk Daulerio came together with a shared vision to make college access more equitable through technology. This passion led them to start AdmitHub, a student engagement platform that used behavioral science and AI to connect students with the support they needed to reach college.

AdmitHub didn’t stop with college access, though. The company soon evolved into student success coaching to support millions of students with empathetic, conversational guidance throughout their entire higher educational journey.

Today, as Mainstay, we still empower people to take the next step toward achieving their goals — one conversation at a time.

We’re here for the journey.

Our mission

At Mainstay, we believe one conversation can spark a brighter future. Our student success coaching makes it easy for colleges start and extend meaningful conversations that drive action at scale. From our rigorous research methods to our unique approach to coaching — everything we do is designed with our mission in mind: To spark progress with conversation.

Our values


"Why" matters

We seek purpose, meaning, and clarity in everything we do. Our shared curiosity unifies us in our everyday exploration of “the why behind the why.”

Create joy

We celebrate each moment of the journey by being present, expressing gratitude, finding balance, and finding fun ways to share positive energy with one another.


Grow yourself

We evolve as a company by strengthening our skills, developing our abilities, and empowering our team to grow holistically.

Kindness rules

Kindness means being friendly, generous, and considerate — while having the courage and compassion to deliver important information in a way that promotes growth.

Drive impact

As employees and shareholders, we take the initiative to show up fully as our authentic selves, address challenges that arise, and make a meaningful difference for our coworkers, partners, and everyone who interacts with our technology.

Be courageous

Courage is present when we say what we’ll do and do what we’ll say. When we take full responsibility for our impact. In order to achieve ambitious goals, and build a values-based culture we must bring courage front and center.

Meet Mainstay's founders

Drew Magliozzi


Co-Founder & CEO

Kirk Daulerio


Co-Founder & Chief Evangelist

Meet Mainstay's executive team

Elizabeth DeGroot, VP of Finance, Mainstay


Vice President of


Chief Technology Officer


Chief Revenue Officer

Meet Mainstay's board of directors

Robin Mendelson

Senior Fellow, Harvard University Advanced Leadership Initiative

Dr. Michael Sorrell

President, Paul Quinn College

Esteban Sosnik

General Partner, Reach Capital

Matt Greenfield

Managing Partner, Rethink Capital Partners

Ryan Craig, Achieve Partners

Ryan Craig

Managing Director, Achieve Partners

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