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Who we are

At Mainstay, we believe one conversation can spark a brighter figure. Our Engagement Platform makes it easy for colleges and businesses to start and measure meaningful conversations that drive action at scale. From our rigorous research methods to our Behavioral Intelligence approach — everything we do is designed with our mission in mind: To help people take the next step toward a more fulfilling life.

Our Values

Why matters

WHY MATTERS. Our “company why” unifies us. The everyday search for purpose, meaning, and clarity brings us together whenever we ask “why?”

Kindness rules

KINDNESS RULES. Kindness is a quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate, with the strength and compassion to deliver any essential information in a manner that will provide the most benefit or growth.

Create joy

CREATE JOY. Celebrate each moment of the journey. Be present, express gratitude, find your balance, and share positive energy with one another.

Drive Impact

DRIVE IMPACT. We all have a responsibility as employees and shareholders to execute when called upon and also when we see a problem that requires a resolution.

The Team


Kirk Daulerio Kirk Daulerio Co-Founder and Chief Evangelist
Drew Magliozzi Andrew Magliozzi Co-Founder and CEO

Partner Success

Kai DiRamio Partner Support Associate
Zachary Shirley Partner Success Manager
Romiel-Noumbissi Romiel Noumbissi Partner Success Manager
Andrew Valle Senior Partner Success Manager
Hayley DeLuca Hayley DeLuca Partner Onboarding Associate
Justin Hammett Partner Success Manager
Nikko Bjontegard Knowledge Base Associate
Emma Rybeck Partner Support Associate
Emily Anderson Emily Anderson Knowledge Base Associate
Katie Mitchell Partner Success Manager
Skyler Vernon Bot Coordinator
Ilana Habib Director, Managed Services
Courtney Turcotte Photo Courtney Turcotte Partner Success Manager
Crossan Barnes Crossan Barnes Director of Account Management
Johanna Beers Johanna Beers Senior Partner Success Manager
Bea B Bea Bolaños Director of Partner Success Support Services
Ellen B Ellen Bzomowski Partner Success Manager
Cecilia M Cecilia Maldonado Partner Success Manager
Bella M Bella Medrano Partner Success Operations Associate
Becky Sechen Becky Sechen VP, Partner Success

Product & Engineering

Daviyion Johnson Engagement Manager
Nick Jones Product Manager
Erica Nagle Director of Engineering
Bethany Poulin Data Scientist
Binish Koirala Software Engineering
Ilana Weiss Senior Conversation Designer
Jamie Dela Cruz Associate Product Manager
Shiju Narayan Engineering Manager
Hari Challapalli SVP, Product & Analytics
Kathalina Alonso Conversation Designer
James Erardi Software Engineer
Demi Benson Site Reliability Engineer
Conrad Fulbrook Conrad Fulbrook Director of Design
James Goncalves Senior Product Designer
Miguel E Miguel Esteban Associate Product Manager
Evan Evan Danaher Lead Software Architect
Chris D Chris Dignam Software Engineer
Steve D Steve Dignam Software Engineer
Nancy Nancy Eckenthal Software Engineer
Ben Lambert Ben Lambert Director of AI
Brad Brad Matthiesen VP, Engineering
James Mayr James Mayr Product Manager
Tim Tim Moliterno Software Engineer
Miguel Mora Miguel Mora Product Manager
Roya R Roya Rakhshan Product Designer
Anthony Anthony Reid Senior Software Engineer
Becky Becky Sacks EVP of Strategic Initiatives
Damien Rochford Damien Rochford Senior Software Engineer
Manan Thakkar Manan Thakkar Tech Lead

Sales & Marketing

John Maycock EVP, Strategic Partnerships
Nora Hanagan Director of Sales
Pat Irwin Partnership Development Representative
Jeff May Director, Brand & Content
Kelly Hughes Kelly Hughes Copywriter
Sean Vinson Partnership Development Representative
Mark Preston Regional Partnership Director
Isabela Mantilla Marketing Campaigns Coordinator
Marisol Frias Partnership Development Representative
Ivan Ramirez Partnership Development Representative
Tonya Choktrakunchai Tonya Choktrakunchai Visual Designer
Eric Dixon Renewal Manager
Xavier Cortez Partner Development Representative
Brooke Morrissey Product Marketing Manager
Kevin Swecker Kevin Swecker Advocacy & Community Program Manager
Clare Hern Clare Hern Lifecycle Marketer
Sam Cheifetz Photo Sam Cheifetz Regional Partnership Director
Corey Beale AdmitHub Corey Beale EVP, Sales
Ben C Ben Cockerell SVP, Marketing
Roxanne D Roxanne Dunaway Regional Partnership Director
Eric H Eric Hann Director, Growth Marketing
Pierre L AdmitHub Pierre Lajaunie Regional Partnership Director
Josh Meyer AdmitHub Josh Meyer Partnership Development Representative
Jordan M AdmitHub Jordan Mickey Regional Partnership Director
Matt Matt Summer Regional Partnership Director


Caroline Caroline Alexander Insights Manager

HR & Finance

Adrienne Barnard | SVP of People Operations and Experience Adrienne Barnard SVP of People Operations and Experience
Shawn Whitlock Accounting & Operations Specialist
Meg Walker Meg Walker Senior People Operations Generalist
Howard Green Howard Greene CFO
Greg Kokino Greg Kokino Senior Director, Business Operations
Barbara M Barbara Moran Accounting Manager
Jason Jason Prybylo Senior Director of Revenue Operations

Our Office

38 Chauncy Street, 11th Floor, Boston, MA 02111

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