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Mainstay combines cutting-edge technology with research-backed messaging, and we keep refining our methods to stay ahead of the curve. That’s what gets us results so impressive even our competitors reference them. But the truth is, they can’t replicate our success — but you can. 

The secret to our outcomes lies in Mainstay’s unique platform — built in partnership with experts in education, technology, behavioral science, and psychology

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Academic success

Conversations that boost student performance ​

Having a chatbot is only part of the equation — it’s how you use it that really makes a difference. For a group of students at Georgia State University, Mainstay made the difference between passing and failing a required course.

In addition to consistent nudges and reminders, Mainstay’s chatbots provided supportive outreach, supplemental resources, and non-judgmental encouragement. This unique combination meant that students in these gateway classes were more likely to pass the class and less likely to drop their GSU classes.


increase in the likelihood students would earn a B or higher


point higher grades for first-generation students


of students found messages helpful


of students recommend chatbot for this course and extension to other courses

Community college persistence

Keeping students on track

Mainstay has partnered with community colleges for nearly a decade — and we know what it takes to make an impact on student success for these diverse populations. 

A recent randomized controlled trial at GSU Perimeter College showed a significant increase in the completion of important tasks related to college persistence when students received support from Mainstay’s chatbots. And that was just the beginning…


increase in “Comeback Camp” academic support attendance


more likely to register early for the fall 2021 semester


more likely to register early for the spring 2021 semester


more likely to file their FAFSA by January 1


reduction in summer melt


FAFSA verification


increase in student enrollment


Messages that beat summer melt

Mainstay has been improving college admissions outcomes since day one (we were AdmitHub back then). While we’ve expanded our solutions, we remain committed to helping our partners get more high school students on the path to college. 

A landmark RCT with GSU showed that Mainstay’s timely, empathetic messages were a powerful driver of action. Our chatbots helped more students navigate the admissions process and access the resources they needed to complete enrollment while freeing up significant staff hours. 

Students loved the experience, too — with 94% of students recommending that Georgia State continue using the chatbot. 

Want results like this at your school? 


Improving student persistence

When GSU wanted to expand their support to enrolled students, they partnered with Mainstay to make it happen. Our conversational chatbots helped students meet key deadlines and complete critical tasks.

But it goes beyond simple nudges. 

An RCT measured how Mainstay’s chatbots improve student persistence and sense of belonging on campus. The results showed that our proven approach made a huge difference in withdrawal rates, re-registration, and FAFSA filing. Out of thousands of incoming messages, only 42 required GSU staff attention — freeing up significant working hours for the team.


FAFSA filing by priority deadline


academic advisor meetings


withdrawal rates due to outstanding balances


increase in re-registrations for fall semester

research partnerships

Success sparked by collaboration

Mainstay consistently achieves incredible results for our partners. So what makes our approach so effective? In a word: Research. 

We’re committed to making a positive impact on students and employees — and the best way to do that is by knowing what works, what doesn’t, and why.

That’s why Mainstay works with research partners to conduct rigorous and valuable research that provides insights into the impact and effectiveness of our messages and helps us continually improve outcomes for students and employees.

We collaborate with institutions across the country to conduct Randomized Controlled Trials (RCTs) that study the impact and efficacy of our messages — as well as qualitative studies that examine the way our chatbots are implemented. Mainstay also works with institutional partners to conduct case studies that show the impact of our chatbots in real-world settings.

Spotlight on Mainstay’s trusted research partners

Lindsay Page
Brown University

Hunter Gehlbach
Johns Hopkins University School of Education


Mitchell Stevens Standford University

Mitchell Stevens
Stanford University

Katharine Meyer
Brookings Institute

Case study spotlight

What sets Mainstay apart is our track record of success. We’ve been working for over a decade to help our partners drive action, increase conversions, and keep more people engaged at school and work. Here are just a few examples:

Hillsborough Community College

+3% in conversions
187 student re-enrolled after engaging with Gwen


-40% in first-day no-shows
+20% in recruiter efficiency
100s of staff hours saved


+37% immunization compliance
+8% freshman yield
+74% in on-time payments

University of Wyoming

+9.5% incoming freshmen
-32% in summer melt

Wayne State

+14% students enrolled
+18% first-generation college students
+13% Pell-eligible students
+28% Hispanic students

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