Personalized communications, at scale

Mainstay helps you connect with each learner without adding to your workload

We’re more than a chatbot, and more than a technology vendor: only Mainstay combines proven engagement messaging with conversational AI. And we’ve consistently validated — through 11 independent research studies and counting — that this unique approach works.

Our platform

AI-enabled chat technology

  • Personalized support for every learner, 24/7
  • Conversational AI engages proactively and reactively through SMS text messaging and web chat
  • Live chat handoff enables staff to communicate with learners in real time
  • Deep insight into the student experience with reporting and analytics

Proven messaging

  • Ready-to-use proactive messaging proven to inspire action
  • Accurate, instant answers tailored to each learner
  • A full calendar year of best practice collections designed to spark progress at the most critical milestones that drive enrollment, retention, and learning.
  • Inclusive, student-first language

Meeting learners where they are

Students and employees want easy access to information and a personalized experience, and Mainstay makes it happen. Learners engage with our conversational AI, or with a person through live chat, on the channels they’re already using: SMS text messaging and your website. 

No matter which channel they use, they can ask questions, provide feedback, and converse the same way they interact with their friends. Our tech is designed to make information more accessible for all students, including those who use screen readers or who prefer to chat in other languages.

Beyond FAQs and simple reminders

How much time do your staff members spend answering the same questions? Mainstay’s platform acts as an extension of your team, instantly responding to over 90% of inquiries on average. Our automated knowledge base is built on millions of student and employee interactions spanning a massive range of topics, and it grows smarter every day. 

Reacting to questions is only half the story. From timely, personalized alerts to empathetic check-in messages, our interactive text message campaigns nurture a sense of belonging and show that your school cares about helping each learner succeed. There’s no need to start from scratch — we provide best practices and ready-made messaging content that drive the outcomes you’re looking for, all year long.

Messaging that makes a difference

One-sided conversations don’t nurture a sense of belonging or inspire action. That’s why simple reminders and generic chatbots aren’t enough — it’s not just what you say, but how you say it. 

Mainstay’s platform sparks progress by blending proactive and reactive engagement with relevant, empathetic messaging.


  • Comprehensive communication plans based on the most critical milestones in the student journey

  • An engagement framework based on peer-reviewed research

  • Autonomy-supporting messaging encourages access underutilized resources

Messaging that matters

“Thank you so much for all the help, encouragement, and feedback throughout all my college endeavors. I wouldn't be in this humbling position without you guys! Thank you 🙏🏾”
“I appreciate all the help! I used all of it and now I'm very happy at my university! I am thriving mentally and academically because of [this chatbot]!”
“Because of this I was more comfortable moving into college and I didn't feel the pressure that everyone was trying to put on me... I appreciate the support and I just want to say from the bottom of my heart, Thank You for everything. I hope this system/program helps many other students like it has helped me.”
“Mahalo a nui for all the information provided and the work you all put in to make it easier for us kids in the future, I really hope that in the future, [this chatbot] will come back and help me throughout my whole college career.”

Insights and analytics

Advanced analytics make it easy for you to actively listen to students and employees at scale and identify opportunities to best support your community. Our platform comes with dashboards and customizable reporting to give you deeper insight into engagement trends and the learner experience.

  • Analyze engagement trends
  • Understand where learners need more support
  • Identify knowledge gaps

Headache-free integrations

Most of our partners recognize our unique approach for student engagement and want to integrate with their other technology. It’s a two-way street between personalized engagement and up-to-date information, so we make it simple to integrate the tools you already use and build robust user profiles to offer highly personalized support. By syncing data between Mainstay and the rest of your tech stack, you can tailor communications to each person and gather the information you need to make the best decisions for your institution. Plus, your team saves time making sure that the right messages are being sent to exactly the right students.

What if I can’t manage another tech solution?

Lofty goals and limited time? We can help.

We’re your partner in developing and implementing human-centric strategies that make an impact. Our experts leverage the experience that comes from texting millions of students to deliver the results that matter most.

Our partners save hundreds of hours of staff time with our platform  — and we can offer you even more time savings with our advanced services. Our team can write and send your communication content to your students through our platform for you.  

Ready, set, results

Our engagement platform is proven to boost enrollment, retention, and wellbeing — and we have the peer-reviewed studies to back it up. Other chatbot providers reference our results, but can’t replicate them. Only Mainstay combines research-backed messaging with conversational AI, and that unique approach is the key to our partners’ success.

Ready to see the Mainstay difference?