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We believe a single conversation can spark personal growth and progress

The Mainstay Engagement Platform makes it easy for colleges and businesses to engage people at scale. Our research-backed approach uses behaviorally intelligent chatbots that are proven to drive positive results by encouraging, measuring, and predicting the actions that help people achieve their goals.

Why Mainstay?

More than a technology vendor

Mainstay partners with you to develop and implement human-centric strategies that solve your unique engagement challenges.

Research-backed engagement

Say goodbye to guesswork

Research is part of our DNA at Mainstay. From rigorous randomized controlled trials (RCTs) to partnerships with behavioral science research organizations, we continually use data to improve our products and drive measurable results.

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Our superpower

What is Behavioral Intelligence?

Providing accurate answers is only part of the equation. To ignite the spark of meaningful engagement, people need instant access to the best response. We achieve this by combining the power of IQ, EQ, and CQ to help people to take the next step toward a more fulfilling life — one conversation at a time.

Considers culture, context, and community to provide the best response with the most relevant messaging at the right time.


Uses active listening at scale to automatically respond with empathy and escalate sensitive conversations to a human.


Provides instant, accurate answers powered by artificial intelligence.


See Behavioral Intelligence in action

Adaptable innovation

Solutions for every engagement strategy

Mainstay helps you engage students or employees in a variety of ways — from one-on-one, personal interactions to behaviorally intelligent conversations at scale. We’ll partner with you to support your current objectives, and adapt with you as your engagement strategy matures.

Live chat

Interact with students or employees in real time on your website.

One-to-one texting

Deliver timely, proactive, and personalized text messages automatically at the right moments throughout the journey.

Conversational chatbots

Automate and scale your engagement with approachable and accurate responses via text, webchat, and social media.

Smart nudges

Harness the power of empathy to spark meaningful engagement at scale to supercharge your positive outcomes.

Behavioral intelligence

Combine contextual relevance, emotional intelligence, and timely, automated conversations to deliver the best response.


More than just a chatbot

  • SMS text messaging

    97% of people read every text message they receive, and 90% read them within three minutes. Give your students and employees instant answers right in their pocket — or send them an encouraging nudge to help spark action.

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  • Web chat

    Your website is often the first place people look for information. Make sure you’re meeting their expectations with around-the-clock support. Your web chatbot can answer questions instantly, even when your team is asleep.

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  • Social media

    Provide students and employees instant, authentic support in real time through your social media accounts.

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Live chat

Support students in real time

Give your students and employees timely, one-on-one information when they need it. Mainstay’s Live Chat is an easy way to provide real-time, personalized support right on your website.

Easy integrations

Use insights to build relationships

The Mainstay Engagement Platform is intuitive and adaptable to your needs. It’s easy to integrate the tools you already use, so you can build robust user profiles to offer highly personalized support. Active listening at scale allows you to respond to students and employees instantly and automatically with helpful, empathetic conversations throughout the engagement journey.

Your empathy engine

A smarter approach to engagement

Reactive answers aren’t always enough to drive positive outcomes. With Mainstay, you can send timely reminders, personalized alerts, and empathetic check-in messages to nurture a sense of belonging.

Mainstay’s automated knowledge base is built on millions of student and employee interactions spanning a massive range of topics — and it grows smarter every day. Advanced analytics make it easy for you to listen to students’ and employees’ needs at scale, so you can meet people where they are with the information they need to succeed.

5M people reached, and counting

86% of messages answered instantly by your chatbot

200M timely, relevant messages

9 RCTs prove the effectiveness of the engagement platform

Customized solutions for powerful engagement

Mainstay makes it easy to personalize your plan with everything you need — and nothing you don’t.