A video to get your HBCU students excited about homecoming

Kelly Hughes
Kelly Hughes

October 1, 2021

Since 1837, Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) have inspired academic and cultural excellence for millions of students across the country. They were initially established to provide Black students with the educational opportunities they had previously been denied. Today, these schools continue to promote social equality, celebrate Black culture and history, and elevate future leaders.

Homecoming at HBCUs 

Every fall, thousands of alumni return to HBCU campuses to participate in homecoming festivities at their alma maters. For many HBCUs, homecoming is an important time to honor rich school traditions, recognize student successes, and celebrate tight-knit communities that span generations of past and current students. Each HBCU does homecoming in their own unique way, but the social events — like parades, football games, tailgating, pep rallies, step shows, alumni speeches, live entertainment — are always highlights of the celebration. 

Mainstay has partnered with the national nonprofit GetSchooled to create an HBCU homecoming video that HBCUs can send to prospective students via text messaging to get them excited about your institution’s upcoming festivities. In this video, several alumni from various HBCUs share their enthusiasm for their alma maters and explain why homecoming is a special time for prospective students to visit and learn more about HBCUs.

Start conversations with prospective HBCU students 

When you partner with Mainstay, you can use video and text messaging to support students at your HBCU in a highly personalized way — anytime, anywhere. To learn more about the variety of topics covered in this video series, check out Mainstay’s YouTube channel


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