Engage prospective students with these 3 text messages

Kelly Hughes
Kelly Hughes

November 4, 2021

The college application and enrollment process can be very stressful, and most students need a little guidance along the way. Establishing rapport and building trust is key to setting prospective students up for success, helping them overcome hurdles, and keeping them on track to successfully enroll and thrive throughout their college journey. 

Meet prospective students where they are with text messaging

If your university is still trying to communicate with prospective students via email, you’re likely missing out on important opportunities to engage them throughout the application process. The benefits of texting students are clear: 98% of mobile phone owners read every text they receive, and 90% read them within three minutes. Texting drives four times the response rate of other communication methods, which opens the door for open and honest two-way conversations

Mainstay’s behaviorally intelligent chatbots make it easy to not only text your prospective students about a range of topics, but also respond to their questions automatically with accuracy, empathy, and relevance. With thousands of text scripts and personalized responses built in, our Student Engagement Platform helps you support your students’ success at scale throughout their entire higher education journey.

Support prospective students with targeted text messages 

In this quick guide, we share three text messaging scripts you can use today to deliver critical information about important enrollment actions. While the possibilities for text messaging are endless, “3 texts to send your prospective students” starts you off with a few conversations you can use right now to engage prospective students and guide them along their path to enrollment: 

  • Writing college essays: Help students overcome writer’s block with tips for drafting stand-out college essays that showcase their unique personality and skills.
  • Getting-to-know-you survey: Ask the right questions to open the door to deeper student engagement. Send this quick survey to prospective students to understand what motivates them as unique individuals, and what turns them off — before they arrive on campus.

Start engaging prospective students at scale 

If you aren’t using text messaging to connect with students, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to build meaningful relationships that can spark long-term student success.

Download “3 texts to send your prospective students” now to learn how you can start engaging prospective students with texting. 

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