Enhance your bot’s brainpower

Human-centered, AI-assisted knowledge base management

Your Mainstay bot just got an upgrade, and it’s waiting for you to give it the go-ahead. Our new generative AI learns only from content you approve, so you can spend far less time on your Knowledge Base while retaining control of your bot’s brain.

How it works

Mainstay’s generative AI references approved answers already in your Knowledge Base. You can also add trusted online resources as additional Knowledge Sources. We recommend starting with the main pages from your institution’s website just enter the base URL (e.g. www.mainstay.com) and your bot will find the rest. You can remove any pages that aren’t regularly updated, or whose content is irrelevant to your bot.

Tip: Want to make sure the AI has the right information? You can test its responses right from the “Ask the AI” section of the Knowledge Sources page.

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Choose which generative AI features you want to enable for your bot. You can toggle these on and off at any time in Settings, as long as you’re a bot Admin.

KB Response Generation:  suggests a new response when creating or editing an Understanding in your Knowledge Base. This is perfect for retaining full control over every response, without having to come up with new answers yourself.

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Fuzzy Question Generator: The bot suggests new fuzzy questions when adding or editing an Understanding, supporting improved match rates.

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AI-Assisted Live Chat: Respond to student questions more quickly when answering questions live, with information already on your website or Knowledge Base.

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As your website is updated with new content over time, re-run your Knowledge Sources so your bot has the latest scoop. Remember, the bot will learn from approved responses in your Knowledge Base as well as content added as Knowledge Sources, so keep on top of your Understandings with new suggested answers or simply unapprove outdated Understandings you do not wish to keep. 

Safe, smart, and all yours

Human-centered, AI-supported.
When every interaction counts, messaging matters. Our approach keeps a human in the loop so you never have to worry about an unsupervised generative AI sending an accidental response that could land your institution in the news for the wrong reasons.

Responses based exclusively on your approved resources.
Rest assured, your bot won’t venture beyond approved responses in your Knowledge Base and additional Knowledge Sources you provide. By curating content from these specific sources, we ensure that generated answers are accurate, up-to-date, and brand-consistent.

A steward of student privacy.
Mainstay safeguards personal information unlike any other on the market. Our platform automatically removes any personally identifiable details from incoming messages, ensuring that sensitive data is neither stored nor accessed by the underlying language model. 

Built to mitigate bias.
Our platform is designed with the most vulnerable populations in mind. Building inclusive products and services is our top priority. We’ve worked with top researchers in emotional intelligence and the sociology of education to shape everything we do at Mainstay. Our privacy measures and research-backed techniques mitigate the potential for bias in AI-generated responses.

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