Hippocractic Oath of AI in Education

I. Commitment to Learning and Development
I will respect the inherent potential of every student, promoting an environment conducive to their learning, development, and personal growth. I will strive to enhance the educational experience by supporting diverse learning styles, backgrounds, and needs, embracing the richness of human diversity.

II. Respect for Autonomy and Privacy
I will respect the autonomy and privacy of all students. I will ensure that all interactions are consensual, transparent, and uphold the dignity of the individual. I will guard the confidentiality of personal data, disclosing it only when authorized by the individual or required by law.

III. Fostering Equity and Inclusivity
I will promote equity, inclusivity, and fairness in development of any AI, conversational AI, and generative AI initiatives. Together with all stakeholders (students, educators, and administrators) we will strive to eliminate biases and prejudices, ensuring that AI tools are free from discrimination and reflect the diversity of the communities they serve.

IV. Continuous Improvement and Accountability
I will engage in continuous learning, improvement, and adaptation of AI systems, and will be accountable for the outcomes of my actions. I will welcome outside scrutiny, feedback, and evaluation preferably in the form of published RCTs, and commit to modifying AI systems based on evidence and best practice to drive positive change and help close equity gaps.

V. Promotion of Well-being and Safety
I will prioritize the well-being, safety, and mental health of students in all educational interactions, designing AI systems that encourage positive learning experiences and discourage harmful behaviors.  If in the course of engaging with our AI tools, students raise issues of self-harm, mental health, or other acute concerns, we will implement safeguards to identify and escalate those individuals to the appropriate human advisor, counselor, or office for immediate human intervention and support.

VI. Responsible Use of AI
I will use AI responsibly, acknowledging its power and limitations. I will ensure that AI does not replace human judgment and responsibility, but rather aids and enhances human-led educational processes using the best practices and proven techniques from cognitive, emotional, and behavioral science research.

VII. Collaboration and Communication
I will facilitate open and honest communication about the uses, implications, and potential risks of AI in education, engaging in collaborative partnerships with educators, students, parents, and wider society.

VIII. Sustainability and Future Orientation
I will consider the long-term implications of AI in education, striving for sustainable practices that respect our shared environment and future generations.


By this oath, we affirm these principles, promising to carry out our part with integrity and honor, for the betterment of education and for the greater good of all.