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The Mainstay logo


To preserve the integrity of the logo, always maintain clear space around it — at least the width and height of the letter “m” in the Mainstay wordmark.

Minimum width for the logo.

At small sizes, the spokes of the spark become difficult to see. Take care to never use the logo smaller than 140 px.

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About Mainstay

Boiler plate copy

Mainstay is an innovator in educational technology, enhancing student success through Human Centered, AI Enhanced Success Coaching. Founded in 2014 as AdmitHub, Mainstay combines principles from behavioral economics, mindset science, emotional intelligence, and cultural relevance to deliver proactive and empathetic AI-augmented support over text message. Collaborating with institutions like Georgia State University and Cal Poly Pomona, Mainstay has proven to significantly improve student engagement and retention. For more information, visit

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Imagery for press

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