To succeed in postsecondary education, students must engage with their institution to satisfy both academic and administrative requirements. The substantial administrative requirements students face are too often overlooked, however — even though missteps with these processes can threaten their ability to persist.

During the 2018-19 academic year, Georgia State University implemented a behaviorally intelligent, text-based chatbot to provide proactive outreach and support for undergraduates navigating the administrative processes. This report explores the results they achieved.

“… Using conversational AI chatbots to assist students in meeting key deadlines and completing critical tasks helped Georgia State boost rates of FAFSA filing and registration for the subsequent fall semester by 3 percentage points. Scaled to the entire Georgia State undergraduate student body, an impact of this magnitude translates to more than 1,300 students taking the next step in their college journey who otherwise might have stopped out or been stuck in place.”

– Higher Ed Dive