A better way to support job-seekers

Connect people with the resources they need to get back to work faster.

At Mainstay, we know that the most effective way to get people back to work is through in-depth engagement — but that can be challenging to do at scale. That’s why we partner with workforce development boards across the country to put job seekers on the path to success by facilitating conversations to understand their needs and goals.

With our real-time insights, you can tap into sentiment at a regional level, allowing you to launch targeted reskilling and upskilling programs that cater to your area’s most pressing needs. This proven approach helps you turn your biggest challenges into opportunities. 

Let’s work together to create meaningful change for job-seekers and local communities.



Simplify the journey

For job-seekers, timely, relevant guidance can often mean the difference between success and failure. Mainstay makes it easy to get people instant access to information, resources, educational opportunities, training programs, and more.

But we don’t stop there. Our platform goes further by proactively sending encouraging, research-backed nudges to inspire people to take action. This approach increases access to vital resources and helps people pursue meaningful work in their community.

Engage and support job-seekers with Mainstay:

  • Send alerts about relevant job openings instantly 
  • Offer tips for building a stronger resume
  • Share financial assistance resources for training programs
  • Provide education, training, and career coaching resources
  • Send supportive messages and encouraging nudges to keep people motivated


Open the door to a brighter future

Mainstay helps bridge the gap between people’s goals and their credentials by connecting them with educational and training programs that open the door to increased earning potential and long-term self-sufficiency. 

Build stronger relationships with job-seekers by giving them 24/7 access to the resources and guidance they need through the channels people use every day.  

From professional certifications to apprenticeships and training opportunities, we make it easy to connect people with relevant programs and resources for any stage of their career. 


Turn insights into opportunities

It can be challenging to support job-seekers fully if you don’t have visibility into the challenges that are impacting their ability to return to work. Mainstay’s real-time insights give you a valuable look into job-seekers’ day-to-day experiences. 

This data is crucial for improving available resources, overcoming roadblocks instantly, and enhancing engagement over time. We also use these insights to spark empathy-driven conversations that help job-seekers feel understood, motivated, and confident in their journey back to employment.

Workforce Southwest Washington partnered with Mainstay to launch a chatbot that could:

• Engage job seekers with resources on-demand, 24/7

• Collect county-specific insights related to job seekers and skill gaps

• Communicate in the users preferred language to support a diverse workforce


Maximize your impact

For job seekers, every second counts. It’s crucial to communicate quickly and effectively so you can evaluate their needs and eligibility faster and match them with the most suitable programs and services.

Mainstay streamlines the process so you can do just that. We make it easy to share essential details with job seekers and ensure they stay up-to-date about information and resources available for WIOA-funded programs. 

Our chatbots provide proactive support throughout their journey by sending personalized nudges and reminders — anytime, anywhere — helping people stay on track with their goals, assessments, and program requirements, and increasing their chances of successful placement.

Create opportunities. Change lives.

Mainstay makes it easy for you to help people take the next step toward a brighter future. Our innovative, results-oriented solutions help job seekers and employers by bridging the gap between individuals and opportunities.

Partner with Mainstay today, and let’s build success together.

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