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We’ve partnered with expert practitioners and leading researchers in cognitive science, emotional intelligence, and cultural context to develop customizable messaging proven to get results.

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Proactively nudge learners to take the actions that matter most


Answer questions 24/7

What makes Mainstay different?

Today, there are so many communication platforms available that it can be hard to tell them apart. But sending reminders through a typical texting tool isn’t enough. Only Mainstay offers Artificial Intelligence chatbot technology that includes easy-to-use, research-backed messaging that is proven to get results and save you time.

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Midterms are next week. This is a great time to prepare.

Don’t forget, Professor Smith is hosting a study session to help you prepare for the exam. It’s at March 3 at The Hub, room 305. I recommend going regardless of how much time you’ve spent studying so far, and don’t forget to bring any questions you have about the material!

Thanks, I’ll be there

AI-enabled engagement

Go beyond simple reminders and automated Q&A — create the change you want to see in your campus, without creating more work for your team. With Mainstay, you can take the pulse of community needs and reach out proactively at scale. Our AI handles the majority of inquiries, supporting learners with accurate answers tailored to their situation, 24/7. If learners need a little extra guidance, a human can jump in as needed.

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Katie Condon
"Mainstay is much more than a chatbot. It is an engagement platform backed by cutting-edge behavioral intelligence research."
Katie Condon, M.A.
Assistant Vice President of Enrollment Affairs
University of West Florida
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"Thank you for all of your help with this process. I didn't have anyone in my life to help me out so this really made a huge difference with getting into college, and now I'm going to my dream school in my dream city :)"
Dr Christopher Smith
"We built organic trust with students and (Mainstay) played a big part in that trust factor."
Dr. Christopher Smith
Executive Director of Enrollment Management & New Student Engagement
Kansas State University Polytechnic
Sheenah Hartigan
"It frees up our time and allows us to have more in-depth and complex conversations that really do require human interaction."
Director of Enrollment services
Ocean County College
"The AI-enhanced coach that we launched in partnership with Mainstay has helped us improve student outcomes and close equity gaps without increasing the workload of our advisors."
Tim Renick
Executive Director, National Institute for Student Success at Georgia State University
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"Mainstay supports me as a Director and makes it a point to communicate with my staff on a regular basis to help us execute our ideas. I believe our ability to utilize the product is directly related to how students receive support in return, and our Partner Success Manager, Jonathan, has been super pleasant and helpful – I see him as a coworker!"
Joe LeDesma
GEAR UP Project Director, President of Administrative Association
Palomar College

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increase in applications from first generation students

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