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How It Started…

Andrew and Kirk, AdmitHub’s founders, believe that every student can — and will — succeed in college with the right support. Together, they created the first mobile, AI-powered messaging platform developed specifically for higher education. With this groundbreaking solution, purpose-built to guide students throughout their academic journey, AdmitHub was born in 2014.

Back then, AdmitHub was focused on providing college admissions offices with personalized chat solutions that simplified the often overwhelming admissions process for students. Thus the “Admit” in AdmitHub.

…How It's Going

As of today, AdmitHub has partnered with hundreds of higher education institutions and supported more than 3 million students in their academic journeys — and we’ve proven our value through several rigorous randomized control trials. Along the way, we’ve built a number of high-value partnerships with college access organizations like Common App and College Advising Corps. We’ve also expanded our chatbots’ capabilities to help colleges and universities reach their students through the channels that Gen Z prefers to use — web chat, text messaging, and social media.

We’ve become more than an admissions and enrollment solution, too. Hundreds of higher education institutions rely on AdmitHub’s behaviorally intelligent chatbots to make retention and student engagement more approachable and actionable for their students. Colleges and universities across the United States use AdmitHub’s technology to listen to their students’ needs and provide personalized, empathetic support at scale.

    • AdmitHub was born
    • Selected for TechStars investment and innovation accelerator
    • $3 million raised in seed funding
    • $5 million raised in series A funding
    • 1 million students reached!
    • 3 million students supported!
    • Finalized $16 million series B funding round
    • Partnered with Common App and College Advising Corps
    • AdmitHub team doubled in size
    • Announcing our new name: Mainstay

Mainstay On The Horizon

Our ambitious vision is the same as it was on day one. Inspiring all learners to progress on their path of personal growth with joyful, AI-powered support is still our north star to this day.

AdmitHub has always evolved to meet the changing needs of students — and we continue to constantly improve our products with additional functionality for even more use cases. That’s why we are evolving our brand to further support students throughout their lifelong journeys.

Introducing Mainstay

One definition of a "mainstay" is a strong rope that holds the main mast of a ship forward. As our company’s name, Mainstay represents that reliable source of support and momentum through a journey that can be both unpredictable and incredibly rewarding.

However, the word "mainstay" is also commonly used to describe someone or something that serves as a source of reassurance and stability for an individual or community. That’s what we always aspire to be for our partners and students.

As a company, a platform, and a member of the higher education community, Mainstay makes the complicated simple — no matter where your students chart their course. Sometimes, everyone needs something steady to rely on: A wise word of advice from someone who knows the ropes, or a calm, reassuring voice that says, “you’ve got this” when the waters get rough.

By engaging your students with meaningful interactions every step of the way, you can rest assured they’ll be prepared for the unexpected and always have the confidence they need for the next leg of their journey.

Supporting Even More Opportunity

This past summer, we finalized a $16 million series B funding round, which included previous investments from Salesforce Ventures and the Google Assistant Investments program.

Becoming Mainstay is a vital step in our ongoing evolution. It is the name that accurately represents the most meaningful components of our mission, vision, and platform. Mainstay embodies our passion to support learners with quality, empathetic guidance, as well as our innovative solutions for higher education institutions — and it also offers us the potential to create additional solutions for lifelong learners exploring life beyond higher education.

When Will AdmitHub Become Mainstay?

AdmitHub will continue to be our name for just a short time longer, and we’re excited for you to experience our transformation to Mainstay. Everything from our website to our social media accounts to our platform itself will relaunch as Mainstay in the spring — and we can’t wait for you to see what’s on the horizon.

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