Navigating FAFSA changes: Your 5-step roadmap

student getting a text from mainstay's chatbot with FAFSA reminders

Learn all about the most important upcoming FAFSA updates – from expanded eligibility to simplified applications — and actionable strategies university leaders can use to smooth the transition for students and staff.

10 steps to student success: Where technology makes an impact

You know first-hand the challenges of supporting students at scale. From getting prospects in the door, to ensuring they complete financial aid forms, all the way to cheering them across the graduation stage — it’s a journey filled with hurdles. Limited resources and evolving learner needs makes providing the right guidance at the right time […]

Using technology to cultivate wellbeing

Feeling constantly connected yet increasingly detached? You’re not alone. We live in a time of constant connectivity — yet rates of loneliness and burnout continue to rise. In a recent webinar with Amy Blankson, CEO of the Digital Wellness Institute, Mainstay explores how institutions can leverage technology to improve wellbeing instead of harm it. Let’s […]

New U.S. News formula emphasizes Pell, first-generation, and earnings data

U.S. News & World Report recently released its annual college rankings, but this year brought major changes to the methodology behind the influential ratings. The publisher overhauled its formula for the first time in decades, aiming to address criticism that the rankings promote ideals misaligned with higher education. The reworked methodology places greater emphasis on […]

Getting strategic about AI: 4 questions for higher ed leaders

The rapid rise of AI tools like ChatGPT has sparked important conversations about artificial intelligence’s role in higher education. But if your institution is simply reacting to each new AI development as it emerges, you risk losing sight of the big picture.  Instead, higher ed leaders should take a step back to think strategically. The […]

5 ways to connect with career-focused Gen Z students

Have traditional 4-year degrees lost their luster? Today’s Gen Z students seem to think so. New data suggests that young learners are focused on finding fast, cost-effective pathways to careers — not just a traditional “college experience.” This significant shift requires community colleges to rethink their messaging and program offerings. The good news? Your institution […]