The technology that powers Behavioral Intelligence

Kelly Hughes
Kelly Hughes

October 29, 2021

To engage students or employees in a way that meaningfully guides them toward success, you need the right combination of accurate information, empathetic guidance, and personalized, contextual support. That’s often easier said than done — because doing it right requires both people and technology working together in harmony.

At Mainstay, we don’t think it should be that complicated for you to help people achieve their goals. That’s where our Behavioral Intelligence approach comes in.

In our latest white paper, “All about Behavioral Intelligence,” we explore how an engagement strategy built on Behavioral Intelligence blends qualities that are uniquely human — like empathy and contextual understanding — with emerging technologies like automation, analytics, and scale.

Let’s look under the hood at the technology that makes Behavioral Intelligence possible, and how it works to scale your efforts and drive positive outcomes.

The essential technology behind Behavioral Intelligence

While the human side of Behavioral Intelligence is crucial, technology is what makes it actionable. With the right technology, it’s possible to engage people at scale and gain deeper insight into their unique needs, goals, and challenges.

An effective Behavioral Intelligence approach achieves this in three ways: 

Real-time conversations on the channels people prefer. In this digital age, students and employees expect communications to be personalized, conversational, and relevant to them. In other words, they want everything traditional email is not.

Text messaging consistently outperforms other methods of communication — with 90% of people reading every text they receive within just three minutes. No other communication channel comes close in terms of immediacy and access. Mainstay’s behaviorally intelligent chatbots respond in seconds, ensuring that people never have to wait to receive an answer to a time-sensitive question.

An ever-expanding knowledge base. Meaningful connections are the key to stronger engagement — but building those connections with all of the students or employees you need to reach takes time and resources that you may not have. That’s why innovative teams are embracing behaviorally intelligent chatbots to support people with accurate answers, empathetic messages, and contextually relevant information at scale. 

To achieve truly inspiring engagement, it’s crucial to continuously learn about the individuals you communicate with — in addition to the correct answers to the questions they ask. Delivering consistently personalized touchpoints and support requires a robust and powerful knowledge base. Think of the knowledge base as a chatbot’s brain. Every time someone asks a question, the chabot taps into this knowledge base to respond with accurate, relevant information in real time. Behaviorally intelligent chatbots also use every interaction to learn — so their conversations become more accurate and personalized over time.

Advanced analytics. When you invest in technology for your engagement strategy, it’s critical that the tools you select can sort through conversations at scale to identify patterns and trends. Behavioral Intelligence analyzes the overall sentiment people express in their conversations with a chatbot. This enables the bot to use those insights and respond in a personalized way in real-time — even when thousands of people are asking the exact same question.

The real value of Mainstay’s Behavioral Intelligence technology comes from its capacity to process and integrate massive amounts of information. It’s capable of analyzing millions of interactions spanning a massive range of topics — from financial aid and alumni events to employee onboarding and benefits packages

Each conversation further informs the customized knowledge base, adding context about the information that’s most relevant to your audience. With these ever-evolving insights, the bot’s performance constantly improves. As a result, it learns new ways to strengthen relationships, and, in turn, measurably improve the results that matter to you and the people you champion. By forging those relationships, Behavioral Intelligence often leads to a deep sense of belonging among students or employees, which drives long-term retention and success.

Harnessing Behavioral Intelligence technology to improve engagement

Download the white paper, “All about Behavioral Intelligence,” to explore the technology behind Behavioral Intelligence and learn how you can use it to increase engagement and drive positive outcomes at scale.

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