A Proven Framework for Chatbot Adoption and Maturity

Building an inspiring student engagement strategy takes more than just the right technology. To get the most out of your investment, it pays to be honest with yourself about your objectives and choose your technology partners carefully.  

Based on Mainstay’s work with our partner institutions, along with new research, and a thorough examination of tried and true techniques, we built a framework to assess your own student engagement strategy’s maturity.

Download the free white paper, “The Road to Inspiring Student Engagement,” to examine your existing strategy, identify realistic objectives, and begin planning for the future of student engagement at your institution. 

This white paper also explores how to: 

  • Get started with AI
  • Align your strategy around student success
  • Select and implement the right technology for your institution
  • Utilize the student engagement maturity model to optimize outcomes
  • Differentiate between a technology vendor and a true partner