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Increase applications, improve retention, and prioritize staff well-being with Mainstay.

Student disengagement and a lack of belonging are growing challenges that can profoundly affect learner outcomes and impact the growth of your school. 

With Mainstay, you can meet students where they are with targeted messages that inspire action, foster engagement, and cultivate the deep sense of belonging students need to succeed.

Our research-backed approach guides and supports students through every stage of their educational journey — helping you reduce staff burnout and drive positive outcomes for your institution.

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Connections that boost applications and enrollment

Students want more than just a great education when choosing a college. They look for schools that value their individual journey and are committed to their success. 

Mainstay helps you build meaningful connections with prospective students through personalized messages at each stage of the enrollment process. Our timely text nudges are proven to be effective at getting students to submit their FAFSA, apply for scholarships, and complete important paperwork — so a missed deadline never stands between them and their future.

By delivering the information and support students need to advance through the admissions process, you’ll distinguish your institution from the rest — right from the start of their college search. 


increase in enrollment

Georgia State University


increase in summer enrollment

Ocean County College 


increase in incoming freshman

University of Wyoming


incoming class in 150-year history

Wayne State University


decrease in summer melt

University of Wyoming 


increase in engagement rates

West Texas A&M University


reduction in summer melt.

Georgia State University


increase in first-year retention rates

University of West Florida


Improve your admissions outcomes

Attracting and retaining a diverse student body is crucial for two-year colleges, but it can be challenging to meet the needs of students with limited resources. 

Mainstay’s platform is designed to scale and enhance your recruitment and enrollment efforts through personalized outreach, timely nudges, and automated support. 

Using a proven approach, we help you understand the unique needs and aspirations of prospective students so you can identify opportunities for engagement. This allows institutions to develop targeted interventions that address these challenges — ultimately increasing enrollment rates and helping more students embark on their academic journey.


Bolster success in gateway courses

We understand the critical role that timely support plays in students’ academic success. In fact, Mainstay’s empathetic messages have been proven to make the difference between passing and failing a required course — as shown in an RCT from Georgia State University.

Here’s how we did it: 

  • Regular nudges and weekly reminders: We provided students with regular nudges and reminders to ensure they didn’t fall behind during the semester.
  • Supplemental resources: We found that providing students with additional learning materials and resources beyond the classroom helped them grasp challenging concepts and excel in their studies.
  • Non-judgmental messages: Mainstay’s messages are designed to foster a safe and supportive environment for students by letting them know they are not alone in their journey. Offering non-judgmental guidance gives students the confidence to self-motivate and overcome obstacles.

Want to see how Mainstay can deliver similar results at your school?

11+ points

first-generation students earned final grades about 11 points higher

increase in the likelihood of getting B or higher
of students recommend the chatbot
more likely to register for fall semester early

More meaningful support, less administrative headaches

Supporting students through the steps necessary to enroll and succeed in college can be all-consuming for university staff. Mainstay offers your team the freedom to focus on what matters most: supporting student growth. 

Our platform handles repetitive tasks by providing 24/7 support and resources, with chatbots guiding students through crucial milestones like financial aid applications, housing selections, and orientation. And we keep students on track throughout every stage of their college journey. 

By saving time and reducing administrative burdens, Mainstay prevents burnout and allows your team to concentrate on meaningful interactions and personalized support for students.

Expand your team with Expert Services

From creating recruitment campaigns that boost enrollment to supporting students’ academic growth, our Expert Services team will work with your team to tackle any challenge along the way.

Unlock your school’s full potential

Mainstay’s research-backed platform equips you with the tools and expertise to tackle disengagement, foster a deep sense of belonging, and drive positive results in admissions, retention, academic success, and beyond.

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