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Empower students, remove barriers to success, and close the achievement gap.

Driving upward mobility at minority-serving institutions requires a tailored approach that acknowledges the unique circumstances of each student.

We partner with MSIs to enhance understanding and provide targeted resources and crucial support at the right times. By fostering a strong sense of belonging and reducing the burden on staff, Mainstay empowers institutions like yours to make a lasting impact on student success.

Mainstay’s platform is proven to close the achievement gap for non-traditional students and drive positive outcomes for the schools that serve them.

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Take the confusion out of higher ed

MSIs are constantly evolving to serve an increasingly diverse student body. That’s why Mainstay collaborates with leading research partners like Dr. Marc Brackett and the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence to identify students’ changing needs and provide culturally relevant support that considers their unique background and experiences.

Through our work with The Partnership for Education Advancement, we ensure the conversations we have with students are meaningful, timely, and relevant to them. We prioritize inclusive, non-judgmental communication — making it easy for students to find the help they need without navigating complicated jargon and procedures.

How Mainstay’s chatbots remove barriers to success:


Engaging with empathy

Non-judgmental texts show students they are not alone and help normalize their feelings and fears.


Considering the whole person

The right message — with context and culture in mind — is proven to help students complete important tasks.


Sharing resources and knowledge

Providing students with timely information ensures they have access to everything they need to succeed.

Higher FAFSA completion: A study with Georgia State University (GSU) revealed that students receiving Mainstay messages had significantly higher FAFSA completion and registration rates, particularly among first-generation and Pell-receiving students. 

Improved grades for first-gen students: GSU research showed that Mainstay’s messages resonated deeply with first-generation students, who earned final grades about 11 points higher than those not receiving supportive messages.

Overcoming administrative hurdles: At Perimeter, a predominantly Black institution with a high percentage of Pell-eligible, first-generation, and working students, Mainstay’s chatbots helped increase attendance to an academic “Comeback Camp” by 66%.

Close the opportunity gap for underserved students

Bridging the opportunity gap is essential for creating an equitable and inclusive experience, and Mainstay’s research-backed platform paves the way by providing timely, relevant support proven to have a real impact on success for underserved students.


Nudges that drive action, foster belonging, and increase engagement

Empower first-generation students on their journey through higher education with Mainstay’s targeted support. Our messages provide the right support exactly when it’s needed, equipping students with the tools to thrive. These conversations are proven to increase completion rates for crucial tasks like FAFSA submission and academic counseling.

Our empathetic chatbots play another pivotal role in improving access to vital campus resources such as financial aid and food pantries, and helping  underserved students connect with the campus community through shared interests and experiences.

These meaningful connections bridge the gap for first-gen students, bolstering their self-confidence, increasing engagement in academic pursuits, and strengthening relationships with peers and their school. 


Improve outcomes with personalized support

Mainstay understands the unique challenges faced by Hispanic-serving institutions in serving their growing student populations. That’s why we have established strategic HSI partnerships to help them achieve their desired outcomes.

In our partnership with Dr. Paul Nagy at Hillsborough Community College, we set out to increase post-secondary credentials among adults by providing targeted support to near-grads on their path to a degree.

Through targeted engagement, Mainstay identified individual barriers to completion and provided personalized support to those students. The results were impressive — reaching 10,667 new admits, re-enrolling 187 near-grads, and increasing conversions by 3%.  

Ready to achieve outstanding outcomes like these at your institution?


Accelerate success at HBCUs

A network for success: Through our work with 25+ HBCUs and key research organizations, our partners enjoy a collaborative environment where success at one institution benefits all.

Mainstay’s platform is designed to support diverse learners and simplify the student journey. By partnering with us, you’ll save time and resources while providing a more inclusive experience for students. Here’s how: 

Culturally relevant conversations: In collaboration with organizations like the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence, Norfolk State University, and The Partnership for Education Advancement, we ensure our messages are impactful and resonate with students of color. 

Empathetic and accessible language: Our non-judgmental approach makes it easy for students to seek help without having to decode unfamiliar jargon or navigate complex procedures.

When Winston-Salem State University (WSSU) wanted to increase enrollment and student on-time payment rates, they partnered with us to develop a chatbot that would help students stay on track.

Here are the results:

  • More questions answered automatically, decreasing phone calls by 36%
  • 74% increase in on-time payments
  • ~100% text read rates 
  • + 8% freshman yield 


Real-time insights and deeper understanding

Mainstay gives you insight into your students’ needs so you can respond with the right resources at the right time.

By leading with listening, you’ll gain real-time insights that help your institution identify common challenges and provide additional student support. This feedback loop ensures all students know about and feel comfortable accessing important services and resources available to them. 

Mainstay’s existing partnerships with key institutions have enabled us to create a network where success at a single MSI can benefit all our partners. Take the first step towards transformative change by joining us today.

20% of students

A survey of students at 19 MSIs conducted in partnership with ECMC and the Partnership for Education Advancement, nearly 20% of students said they didn’t know where to get academic support.

Wayne State’s Class of 2022 was the largest in the university’s history, including:


Attract, support, and retain a diverse student body

Wayne State University’s success hinges heavily upon the experiences of its first-generation, low-income, and minority students. After seeing graduation rates dip as low as 26%, the university knew it needed to explore new ways to address this disparity. 

After partnering with Mainstay, WSU welcomed a record-breaking incoming class: the largest in the school’s 150-year history and graduation rates have nearly doubled, rising to 47% and earning the university national recognition. 

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