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Persistent unemployment is damaging on both an individual and community level — and even the brightest and most talented workers can lose skills, knowledge, and capabilities when they’re out of the workforce. 

Mainstay makes it easy for you to put workers on the path to success through automated, empathetic text conversations. Strengthen your relationships with the people you serve, so you can support them on their journey to gainful, long-term employment.

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Ways to use SMS text messaging to automatically engage job-seekers:


Reskilling for the future of work

Without effective communication, job-seekers may miss out on valuable resources and assistance available to them. Mainstay makes it easy to connect people with the educational and training programs that open the door to better opportunities, increased earning potential, and long-term self-sufficiency. 

Reaching out with automated, 2-way text messages is the best way to directly communicate with job-seekers. Texting is also the ideal channel for connecting people with essential resources to develop their professional abilities and find meaningful work in your community. Mainstay’s Engagement Platform helps you bridge the gap between workers and your local businesses’ needs.


Open the door to a brighter tomorrow

Job-seekers are more vulnerable to slipping through the cracks in the system when they don’t have adequate support. Timely, relevant guidance can mean the difference between success and failure.

Mainstay enables you to provide people with the guidance and support they need to succeed  — anytime, anywhere. For people seeking employment and advancement, personalized, automated text messaging is the most effective way to support them on their journey.

Empathetic, automated text messages help you build stronger relationships with job-seekers by giving them the resources and guidance they need 24/7. You can easily share return-to-work incentives, provide instant access to assistance programs, and connect them with affordable child care options right on their phones. This type of support is crucial to fill state and community employment gaps at scale.

Good morning! I wanted to see how your job search is going. Can I help you with anything today?

I'm having trouble scheduling interviews because I need someone to watch my son during the day.

I understand. Would you like more information about how to apply for a childcare assistance program? There are several options available to you.

Yes, thank you!!


Remove return-to-work barriers

It can be challenging to support job-seekers fully if you don’t have visibility into the challenges that are impacting their ability to return to work. Mainstay’s actionable insights give you a real-time look into job-seekers’ day-to-day experience. This enables you to address issues head-on, so you can help keep people motivated and on track to succeed.

SMS text messaging is the most effective way to send surveys and solicit feedback instantly — on a channel people already use every day. Mainstay automates this process with behaviorally intelligent chatbots that actively listen to people’s needs and sentiments at scale. This gives you valuable feedback for improving available resources, overcoming roadblocks instantly, and enhancing engagement over time.

More than just a chatbot

Powerful employee engagement technology

Increase employee productivity, reduce churn, and boost morale
with Mainstay’s Employee Engagement Platform

Here’s how we do it:


2-way automated SMS text messaging

Send relevant, timely messages and answer FAQs automatically to support employees 24/7 while building loyalty — all on the channel they prefer to use.


Easy integrations

Get more out of your existing tools and drive deeper employee engagement at scale — while removing complexity from your strategy.


Research-backed custom conversational templates

Encourage meaningful interactions with personalized, pre-written conversations that are proven to drive positive outcomes for your employees and your business.


No heavy lifting

Partner with Mainstay’s experts to achieve your engagement objectives. We’ll build your AI knowledge base, design effective automated text campaigns and surveys, and deliver actionable insight reports for you.


Advanced analytics

Transform one-on-one conversations into actionable insights you can use to make positive changes and demonstrate that your employees' voices are being heard.


Escalation and notifications

Receive real-time alerts when employees require more personalized support — and instantly connect them to the right person for one-on-one guidance.

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