Why AdmitHub is becoming Mainstay

Why AdmitHub Is Becoming Mainstay
Drew Magliozzi
Andrew Magliozzi

February 19, 2021

This week, we announced that AdmitHub will be changing our name to Mainstay in a few months. This represents a major evolution for our company, and I’m excited to share our new brand with you — and the “why” behind our decision to make this change. 

Why We’re Becoming Mainstay 

In May of 2014, Kirk Daulerio and I co-founded AdmitHub to address the changing needs of students by meeting them where they are and supporting them on their paths to graduation and beyond. We started out by providing college admissions offices with personalized chat solutions that simplified the often overwhelming admissions process for students. That’s why we put the “Admit” in AdmitHub’s name. 

In nearly seven years, AdmitHub has grown into a full-scale student engagement platform. We make it easy for colleges and universities to deliver students the information they need, when they need it, through the channels they prefer to use — like web chat, text messaging, and social media. Moreover, institutions who partner with AdmitHub are empowered to engage with students empathetically. This helps institutions build meaningful relationships with their students, enabling them to listen to students’ needs and challenges at scale and make constant improvements accordingly. 

In becoming Mainstay, we’re doubling down on the commitment our company made when it was founded: To help people continually take the next step toward a more fulfilling life in their journeys through college and beyond. 

Where AdmitHub Stands Today 

AdmitHub partners with hundreds of higher education institutions and supports more than 3 million students in their collegiate journeys. Through several rigorous randomized control trials, we have proven our value in improving college enrollment and retention time and again. 

We have also cultivated several partnerships with college access organizations like Common App, College Advising Corps, the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, and more, while steadily expanding the scale, scope, and influence of our product. 

Meet Mainstay 

The word “mainstay” is commonly defined as someone or something that serves as a source of reassurance and stability for an individual or community.  We aspire to be a steadfast companion that helps every student take the next step at every stage of their journey.

Mainstay Is Opening New Doors

It’s no secret that our partners are the reason we have been able to grow into this new phase of our business. This past summer, we finalized a $16 million Series B funding round, which we are using to enhance our technology in ways that will enable our partners to create even more opportunities for student success. 

Mainstay embodies our innovative solutions and our passion for supporting learners with high-quality, empathetic engagement throughout their journeys. We couldn’t be more excited to launch this new brand experience. I’m thrilled to invite you to visit mainstay.com and explore our future plans as we make this shift to Mainstay. 


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