A Guide to Navigating AI in Higher Education

The success of institutions like Georgia State has put AI-powered chatbots on the map as a tool to increase enrollment and retention, and to drive student success. But successfully implementing a chatbot takes more than just “going shopping” — it’s a fundamentally different way to communicate with a new generation of students, and it requires thorough research and understanding to be successful.

This guide to buying a higher ed chatbot will help you know what questions to ask, what features to consider, and what really matters when selecting a vendor (partner).

“We have more of a sense of what our students are thinking about in their day-to-day experience.”

Amy Smith, AVP of Enrollment Management, Georgia Southern University

In this guide for institutional leaders, you will:

  • Learn what it takes to strategically implement AI for student success,
  • Find out if you’re an enthusiast, a pragmatist, or a strategist (or somewhere in between), and
  • Examine case studies from institutions that have seen significant impact by using chatbots in ways that are best for their students.