See what students asked chatbots in the Midwest Region during COVID-19. 

Mainstay is harnessing the power of AI to engage with over 173,000 students through nudges and interactive campaigns that provide information about college.

Who’s Oli?
Oli is a chatbot serving first generation and low-income students that use the Common App. Oli answers all sorts of questions — from financial aid to housing to academic tips. Oli forwards more specific questions that require person-to-person interaction to a counselor from College Advising Corps.

This report is the result of our “College and Emotions Check In” campaign, sent to 18,307 Midwestern-state students.

Get detailed student feedback on:

  • Plans for attending college (or not)
  • Sentiment about returning to college
  • Specific feedback on different approaches to taking classes: online-only, hybrid, or in-person models
  • Reasons for not attending college
  • Which topics are most important to students, with detailed questions