How to evaluate your student engagement strategy right now

How to Evaluate Your Student Engagement Strategy Right Now
Lauren Panaswich

March 19, 2021

It’s not uncommon for higher education institutions to implement a technology solution only to fall short of their desired outcomes. All too often, this happens when their strategy is misaligned with their objectives. 

Building an effective student engagement strategy takes more than just the right technology. That’s why AdmitHub developed a new tool that makes it easy for you to self-assess your student engagement strategy. The tool functions like a quick quiz that asks you a few questions to evaluate where your institution’s engagement strategy currently stands. It uses your answers to provide results that are vital to identifying your current strategy’s strengths and weaknesses based on our proven maturity model.

Try AdmitHub’s self-assessment tool now to find out whether you can realistically achieve your institution’s current student engagement goals with your current strategy. 

How AdmitHub’s Student Engagement Strategy Self-Assessment Tool Works

We designed the Student Engagement Strategy Self-Assessment Tool to make it easy for you to evaluate your institution’s current student engagement strategy. You’ll answer four questions that encourage you to think critically about the most important elements of your strategy. 

Based on your answers, the tool will evaluate which stage of our proven framework your current strategy fits into — unstructured, aware, proactive, consistent, or inspiring. This result will give you a sense of where your strategy stands today — and knowing that is the key to unlocking the next steps for long-term student success. 

Is Your Current Student Engagement Strategy Working for You?

The most effective strategies are the ones that fit an institution’s individual objectives. Your combination of people, processes, and tools is unique to your institution — and your student engagement strategy should be unique, too. 

Student success drives everything you do, so consider the way your institution currently communicates with students to support them throughout the entire higher education journey. Are your team’s skill sets and level of experience standing in the way of your ability to communicate with students effectively? Has your institution fully realized the connections between your communications, the student experience, and your desired outcomes? 

These are just some of the fundamental questions to start thinking about before you take the self-assessment. Your answers will help determine what you need to do next to achieve a next-level student engagement strategy

Evaluating Your Results

Understanding the maturity level of your current student engagement strategy will help you determine whether you’re able to achieve your objectives, and what your next steps for driving student outcomes should be. 

As your strategy matures, it will advance through AdmitHub’s proven framework, and the ways you use technology like behaviorally intelligent chatbots will also evolve. Your techniques for communicating, your focus on student success, and the ways your strategy aligns with your objectives will also shift to align more closely with your objectives. All of these factors will directly impact your institution’s ability to drive positive student outcomes.

Try AdmitHub’s Student Engagement Strategy Self-Assessment Now

Student assessment resource

Use AdmitHub’s Student Engagement Strategy Self-Assessment to evaluate your existing communications strategy, today. It’s the first step toward the future of student engagement at your institution.


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