Simplify COVID communications for your employees

Keep your entire team healthy, productive, and in compliance

General COVID and vaccination policies are changing constantly, and it’s hard for employees to keep up. Mainstay makes it easy to instantly answer COVID-19 and vaccine-related questions, provide important health resources, and text encouraging nudges to support employee health and wellbeing.  

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Communicate company-wide policies instantly

Employee health is important to any business, but it can be challenging to ensure that everyone has the latest up-to-date vaccine and COVID-related information.

Mainstay makes it easy to share crucial information with your entire workforce — anytime, anywhere. Our conversational AI chatbots provide a judgment-free way for employees to ask questions, eliminate blockers, and access health and wellness resources.

We help you engage employees with automated, conversational messages through text messaging or Slack — enabling you to communicate new policies and share timely information to keep your workforce safe and healthy.

automate COVID-19 protocols

Run health attestations and track vaccine status with a simple text

Managing an employee’s health and vaccine information is a time-consuming process — and keeping up with the latest forms and paperwork can be an administrative nightmare. 

What if you could simply message your employees and ask them to submit their test results and vaccine status right on their phone? 

With Mainstay, you can easily send customized messages on a schedule that works best for your employees. You’ll also get instant alerts when an employee’s vaccine status changes or if an employee submits a positive COVID-19 test result, so you can handle staffing issues before they affect productivity. 

How to streamline your COVID-19 protocols with Mainstay:

I just found out I was exposed to COVID this weekend. Do I need to take a test before my next shift?

If you are asymptomatic, we do not require a negative test result before you can return to work. If you start having symptoms, please follow-up with us!

Thanks, will do!

around-the-clock support

Answer employees’ health and wellness questions 24/7

It takes a lot of time and effort to keep up with employee questions and requests — especially when policies and procedures are constantly changing. If you’re like most managers, you don’t have the time to walk every employee through every process. That’s where we come in.

Mainstay engages your employees in automated, 2-way conversations through text message and Slack — so can spend more time focused on your job and less time answering basic questions like “Where do I upload my proof of vaccination?” or “How long should I quarantine after a positive test?”

The result: happier employees, less stress for you, and a streamlined approach to compliance that helps you do your job better.

Employee wellbeing

Keep your employees healthy and productive so they can do their best work

Employee burnout is at an all-time high. It’s crucial to continue checking in and finding ways to bring joy to employees to keep them healthy and productive. 

Mainstay helps you to care for both your people and your business with a platform that drives employee engagement across your company. Our chatbots offer an empathetic, judgment-free way for your employees to get answers to urgent questions, access wellness resources, and understand the benefits available to them. 

When employees need additional help overcoming challenges or accessing support, we will instantly escalate the conversation to a member of your team for follow-up.

of workers report that their mental health has declined since the start of the pandemic
More than just a chatbot

Powerful employee engagement technology

Increase employee productivity, reduce churn, and boost morale
with Mainstay’s Employee Engagement Platform

Here’s how we do it:


2-way automated SMS text messaging

Send relevant, timely messages and answer FAQs automatically to support employees 24/7 while building loyalty — all on the channel they prefer to use.


Easy integrations

Get more out of your existing tools and drive deeper employee engagement at scale — while removing complexity from your strategy.


Research-backed custom conversational templates

Encourage meaningful interactions with personalized, pre-written conversations that are proven to drive positive outcomes for your employees and your business.


No heavy lifting

Partner with Mainstay’s experts to achieve your engagement objectives. We’ll build your AI knowledge base, design effective automated text campaigns and surveys, and deliver actionable insight reports for you.


Advanced analytics

Transform one-on-one conversations into actionable insights you can use to make positive changes and demonstrate that your employees' voices are being heard.


Escalation and notifications

Receive real-time alerts when employees require more personalized support — and instantly connect them to the right person for one-on-one guidance.

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