Supporting employee wellness shouldn’t be complicated

Boost employee wellbeing and productivity with Mainstay’s empathetic chatbots

Are your employees feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or burned out? With Mainstay, you can help them feel more supported, valued, and empowered to tackle today’s workplace challenges. 

We understand that your employees are your greatest asset. That’s why we’ve developed proven, research-backed solutions to help support their wellness at every stage of their journey with your organization — from onboarding to career advancement and everything in between.

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Why workplace wellbeing matters

According to recent Gallup research, employees who believed their employer cared about their wellbeing were:


less likely to search for a new job


less likely to report experiencing burnout


more likely to be engaged at work


more likely to serve as an advocate for their company


Beat burnout before it starts

With burnout at an all-time high, addressing mental health and wellness is more important than ever. Managing stress, creating a sense of belonging, and supporting employees’ evolving needs can have a big impact on wellbeing.  

Mainstay’s comprehensive program is designed to improve employee wellness throughout the year — making it easy for you to support your team.

  • Proactive SMS outreach and 24/7 support powered by AI that keeps the conversation going
  • Texting works for everyone — no need for new software or complicated apps 
  • Encourage employees to use existing resources, such as ERPs
  • Gain valuable insight into the mindset of your employees with reports measuring belonging, self-efficacy, and engagement 
  • Support employees with proven, research-backed messages based on 8 dimensions of wellness

Mainstay’s research-backed approach — rooted in 8 dimensions of wellness:


Create connection with your team — anytime, anywhere

Developing a sense of belonging in the workplace is crucial for improving employee satisfaction and reducing costly turnover. When done right, employee engagement boosts performance and drives company loyalty. 

Mainstay’s conversational 2-way text messaging instantly answers employee questions 24/7 and sends encouraging nudges when they need to take action. These empathetic messages show your employees they are heard, supported, and valued — ultimately driving long-term success for your company. 

Want to capture employee feedback so you can act before small problems become major challenges? We’ve got you covered there, too. Mainstay will provide you with valuable insights so need to take action fast — so why wait?

A recent Deloitte study found that a sense of belonging can lead to:


increase in job performance


decrease in sick days


reduction in turnover risk


Choose the right solution for your team

It can be hard to find the time to prioritize your employees’ wellness and satisfaction — but you still want your team to be happy, productive, and engaged. Mainstay makes it easy with a true on-demand solution. 

Give employees access to resources, support, and answers they need 24/7 — without adding another complex tool to your HR tech stack. With Mainstay, you can support employee wellness with personalized conversations, on-demand answers, interactive surveys, and encouraging nudges sent directly through text message or Slack.

Our advanced analytics enable your HR team to track the metrics that matter at scale — so you can identify and address issues head-on and improve employee retention, satisfaction, and productivity.


Creating a sense of belonging from the start

Engaging new hires before their start date opens the lines of communication, creates rapport, and builds excitement around their new position. Continuing the conversation throughout onboarding also ensures employees will be fully aligned with your company’s goals, so they’ll become more productive faster. 

We streamline this process for your entire organization with behaviorally intelligent chatbots that spark meaningful conversations, deliver relevant responses, and actively listen at scale to gather and provide you with real-time feedback to improve the new hire experience.  

Mainstay makes it easy to send automated, empathetic 2-way texts or Slack messages that provide real-time updates about insurance and vaccine policies, encourage employees to complete important onboarding tasks on time, and nudge them to submit benefit enrollment paperwork.

How to enhance your employee onboarding experience with Mainstay:


Spark positive growth through the entire employee lifecycle

Support your employees throughout their career journey by providing the resources they need to thrive — at exactly the right moment.

By creating an environment of feedback and transparency, Mainstay helps you identify growth opportunities, share training resources, and provide the resources your employees need to do their best work. 

Mainstay’s Employee Engagement Platform is powered by Behavioral Intelligence — so you can have conversations that are personalized, scalable, and adaptable for every stage of the employee journey.

Celebrate milestones and recognize top-performing team members.
Notify employees of important training initiatives and help them find the right development opportunities to map to their career plans.
Nudge employees to complete their training on schedule, and help them apply learnings to their current job.
Show people that their voices are being heard.
More than just a chatbot

Powerful employee engagement technology

Increase employee productivity, reduce churn, and boost morale
with Mainstay’s Employee Engagement Platform

Here’s how we do it:


2-way automated SMS text messaging

Send relevant, timely messages and answer FAQs automatically to support employees 24/7 while building loyalty — all on the channel they prefer to use.


Easy integrations

Get more out of your existing tools and drive deeper employee engagement at scale — while removing complexity from your strategy.


Research-backed custom conversational templates

Encourage meaningful interactions with personalized, pre-written conversations that are proven to drive positive outcomes for your employees and your business.


No heavy lifting

Partner with Mainstay’s experts to achieve your engagement objectives. We’ll build your AI knowledge base, design effective automated text campaigns and surveys, and deliver actionable insight reports for you.


Advanced analytics

Transform one-on-one conversations into actionable insights you can use to make positive changes and demonstrate that your employees' voices are being heard.


Escalation and notifications

Receive real-time alerts when employees require more personalized support — and instantly connect them to the right person for one-on-one guidance.

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