Engage, retain, and support frontline workers

Employee engagement that inspires action for your deskless workforce.

With so much competition, attracting and retaining frontline workers has never been more challenging — or more important. 

Mainstay makes it easy to support your frontline workers automatically in ways that increase yield and retention rates, prevent costly turnover, and improve productivity.

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How to create a better preboarding experience with Mainstay:


Eliminate "ghosting" by engaging frontline workers before day one

Starting a new job often brings a flurry of activities that can leave workers feeling overwhelmed and under-supported. Clear, succinct communication makes all the difference between a successful onboarding and a no-show.

That’s why preboarding is the ideal time to begin building strong relationships with your new hires using conversational and empathetic 2-way text messaging.

Engaging new hires before their start date enables you to create a rapport and strengthen your frontline workers’ commitment to the job before they even start. Mainstay’s text messages are also shown to reduce no-shows up to 40%. When done right, preboarding accelerates ramp-up time for new hires, so they’ll be able to contribute even faster.

  • How employee preboarding improves retention and reduces churn

Employee retention

Build strong connections with frontline workers — anytime, anywhere

It can be challenging to foster a great work culture and achieve consistent employee engagement in a deskless environment. Even when businesses successfully hire frontline workers, they often struggle with no-shows that result in overworked employees and underserved customers. 

Clear and consistent communication is the key to keeping your distributed team engaged and connected. Personalized, automated text messaging is the most effective way to support your frontline workers’ success and longevity at your company. 

Mainstay’s Employee Engagement Platform is proven to reduce churn, improve productivity, and increase employee satisfaction at scale. Our partners achieve employee response rates of 80-90% when they use Mainstay’s platform to automatically text their employees. They are also seeing up to a 40% reduction in no-shows.

  • How businesses can support frontline workers with text messaging

Mainstay provides deskless workers the relevant, timely information they need through text messaging. These instant, automated conversations benefit your team by:

Quotes from Mainstay's partners:

We are getting actionable feedback sooner to help retain workers.”

These insights are super helpful.”

Up until now we didn’t have a real sense of what was driving no shows.”

Actionable insights

Use real-time employee feedback to make meaningful improvements

It can be challenging to fully support your frontline workers if you don’t have visibility into their day-to-day challenges. 

SMS text messaging gives you a direct line to send surveys and solicit feedback instantly and automatically on the channel your frontline workers prefer to use. Mainstay automates this process with behaviorally intelligent chatbots that spark meaningful conversations and actively listen at scale to your workers’ needs and sentiments — providing you with valuable insights so you can make improvements fast. 

This feedback gives you real visibility into the employee experience, so you can address issues head-on to improve retention and productivity.

Mainstay delivers proven results that are backed by rigorous randomized controlled trials, partnerships with behavioral science research organizations, and continual feedback from our higher education partners.

More than just a chatbot

Powerful employee engagement technology

Increase employee productivity, reduce churn, and boost morale
with Mainstay’s Employee Engagement Platform

Here’s how we do it:


2-way automated SMS text messaging

Send relevant, timely messages and answer FAQs automatically to support employees 24/7 while building loyalty — all on the channel they prefer to use.


Easy integrations

Get more out of your existing tools and drive deeper employee engagement at scale — while removing complexity from your strategy.


Research-backed custom conversational templates

Encourage meaningful interactions with personalized, pre-written conversations that are proven to drive positive outcomes for your employees and your business.


No heavy lifting

Partner with Mainstay’s experts to achieve your engagement objectives. We’ll build your AI knowledge base, design effective automated text campaigns and surveys, and deliver actionable insight reports for you.


Advanced analytics

Transform one-on-one conversations into actionable insights you can use to make positive changes and demonstrate that your employees' voices are being heard.


Escalation and notifications

Receive real-time alerts when employees require more personalized support — and instantly connect them to the right person for one-on-one guidance.

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