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Mainstay’s Employee Engagement Platform is powered by Behavioral Intelligence — for personalized automated conversations that scale and adapt to every stage of the employee journey.

Actively listen to your workforce needs and sentiments to gain valuable insights and make improvements fast.

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Inspire action at scale

Give your employees real-time access to the information they need, when they need it with personalized conversations, encouraging nudges, and interactive surveys.

Find out how Mainstay’s Employee Engagement Platform empowers you to communicate with and listen to your employees at scale.


A time-saving solution to employee engagement challenges

Traditionally, businesses have relied on email for employee communication. Today, it’s almost impossible to get your HR emails reliably opened and read, though. And some frontline employees may not even access their email for days at a time.

SMS text messaging gives you a direct line to provide employees with timely information, answer their questions, and get feedback quickly on onboarding, retention programs, and employee disposition. Texting also gives you a way to deliver quick reminders, send surveys, and solicit feedback instantly on the channel your employees prefer to use. Mainstay makes it easy to automate all of these activities, so you can encourage employees to take action fast and at scale.

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Here are some of the top reasons HR teams use SMS text messaging to support employees:

How to create a better preboarding experience with Mainstay:


Create a sense of belonging before day one

Preboarding is the best time to begin building relationships between employees and your company — and connecting with new hires through automated, empathetic, 2-way text messaging is the most effective way to do it.

Engaging new hires before their start date helps you create rapport and strengthen your new hires’ commitment to the job. Meaningful preboarding engagement also reduces no-shows and helps employees become more productive, faster.

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Frontline workers

Engage with your deskless workforce

Frontline workers often lack the support and resources that in-office staff enjoy — but clear and consistent communication will keep your distributed team engaged and connected. Personalized, automated text messaging is the best way to support your frontline workers’ success and longevity at your company.

Mainstay’s Employee Engagement Platform empowers HR professionals to provide deskless workers the relevant, timely information they need through text messaging. These instant, automated conversations benefit your team by:

  • Reducing offer-to-start date ghosting
  • Decreasing shift cancellations and no-shows
  • Automatically supporting employees 24/7 and showing them that you’re responsive to their feedback and needs
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Remote employees

Engage your team anywhere

It can be challenging to build a cohesive workplace culture and promote consistent engagement in a remote environment.

Mainstay makes it easy with behaviorally intelligent chatbots that use text messaging to help you listen to employees’ sentiments at scale. You’ll gain insights into what’s on your employees’ minds, so you can address challenges head on and improve retention and productivity. Keep your team engaged, celebrate wins, and recognize top-performing team members to boost morale no matter where your people are.

Notify employees of important training initiatives.
Help employees find the right development opportunities to map to their career plans.
Nudge employees to complete their training on schedule, and help them apply learnings to their current job.
Career development

Spark growth through conversation

Support your employees throughout their career journey by providing the resources they need to thrive — at exactly the right moment.

Mainstay helps you enhance your company culture by connecting you employees with information, support, and encouraging nudges that are proven to drive positive outcomes.

HR Software

Choosing the right technology

With thousands of apps that claim to improve employee engagement, it can be challenging to find the right one. The best HR software solution for you should be powerful and engaging — while delivering information to your employees in a simple and consistent way.

Text messaging is one of the easiest and most reliable ways to engage employees, and it’s consistently proven to be the most effective channel for getting people to complete important tasks (like signing up for their 401k or enrolling for benefits).

With Mainstay, you can use conversational and approachable SMS text messages to connect with employees throughout every stage at your company. The best part is that Mainstay gives you a way to create a personal and ongoing text conversation with your employees, so they’re more likely to read and respond to your messages over time.

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