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Boost enrollment and persistence, reduce staff burnout, and re-engage stop-outs with Mainstay.

Many community colleges today are falling short of their goals due to reduced funding, staff burnout, and high turnover rates. Overcoming these challenges requires an approach that can encourage re-enrollment, increase staff bandwidth, and improve student persistence and engagement.

That’s where Mainstay comes in. We’ve spent years working with community colleges like yours to overcome their unique obstacles head-on. 

When you partner with us, you’ll benefit from a research-backed platform proven to boost student success, streamline your processes, and help you stay competitive.


Lead with listening for better outcomes

Listening is a cornerstone of student success — and the best way to understand someone’s point of view is to ask them. Mainstay’s empathetic chatbots are designed to do just that.

By gathering insights and feedback directly from students, we can identify opportunities to support them more effectively, tailor our outreach to their unique situation, and address any potential barriers to their success.

This valuable information not only helps you better understand the student experience but also allows institutions to make data-driven decisions that directly impact student success—like securing grants and funding to enhance programs and services.

Make an impact by gaining actionable, real-time insight


Improve your admissions outcomes

Attracting and retaining a diverse student body is crucial for two-year colleges, but it can be challenging to meet the needs of students with limited resources. 

Mainstay’s platform is designed to scale and enhance your recruitment and enrollment efforts through personalized outreach, timely nudges, and automated support. 

Using a proven approach, we help you understand the unique needs and aspirations of prospective students so you can identify opportunities for engagement. This allows institutions to develop targeted interventions that address these challenges — ultimately increasing enrollment rates and helping more students embark on their academic journey.

How Mainstay improved outcomes for Ocean State Community College:


Keep students on the path to success

College can be challenging enough without factoring in all of the hurdles faced by students today. One of the keys to improving student persistence is identifying obstacles that may hinder a student’s progress before they become a problem. 

That’s why Mainstay’s platform gives you insights into what students need to persist at every stage of their academic journey. We help schools identify potential barriers sooner and provide 24/7 support so students always have access to the information and resources they need to succeed. 

This proactive approach not only helps students stay on track but also fosters a sense of belonging and confidence in their ability to succeed.


Messages that boost persistence

Perimeter College is a diverse 2-year school where 28% of students are first-generation college students, and 58% balance part-time studies with work or family commitments. Mainstay partnered with GSU to message these students about available support services — like supplemental instruction sessions — and reminders about important deadlines. 

Early registration significantly impacts student success, especially for community college students. Mainstay’s timely nudges encourage students to secure spots in required courses and set their schedule around home and work schedules.

This RCT demonstrates a significant increase in the completion of important tasks related to college persistence when students received support from Mainstay’s empathetic chatbots.

Driving student success

The impact on Perimeter students who received messages from Mainstay’s chatbots:


Getting students back to class and on track to graduate

Community college learners must make difficult decisions between completing their degrees and focusing on other aspects of their lives. From lack of childcare to financial constraints, there are many things that can stand in their way. 

Mainstay’s platform re-engages stop-outs by providing targeted outreach and support to help them return and complete their education. By addressing their specific needs and concerns, we can help you increase graduation rates and strengthen your institution’s reputation.

Results at Hillsborough Community College:

engagement rate


increase in conversions


new admits reached 


near-grads re-enrolled 


Create a support system for your staff

With limited resources and increasing demands, faculty and staff at two-year schools are often stretched thin — leading to high turnover rates and a decrease in overall effectiveness.

Mainstay’s chatbots automatically answers student questions 24/7, addressing their concerns and inquiries around the clock. This not only improves student satisfaction and engagement but also alleviates the burden on faculty and staff, allowing them to focus on their core responsibilities.

We make it easy for you to give your students on-demand support, while fostering a more sustainable and efficient working environment for faculty and staff.


Proactive outreach that works

Our Expert Services Team works closely with you to create tailored scripts aligned to your brand and goals. By leveraging our experience with other community colleges and employing best practices, we develop a strategic roadmap for your institution's specific needs and challenges. Students love us too:


took action because of one of our texts


would recommend the chatbot to a friend

Unlock your school’s potential

Don’t let funding challenges, staff burnout, or high turnover rates hold your institution back. Partner with Mainstay and unlock your community college’s potential with our research-backed platform designed to improve outcomes and keep you competitive in today’s educational landscape.

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